The Setbacks of Fax Marketing and How to Fix Them

The Setbacks of Fax Marketing and How to Fix Them


There is a certain stigma attached to fax marketing. The typical reactions include "Tacky!" or "Old school!" or "Cheap!"

As we have mentioned before, these naysayers are completely missing the boat. Opportunity to gain new customers, engage old ones and keep everyone's costs low, fax marketing is something every savvy marketer needs to reconsider.

But, first, let's tackle the potential setbacks of fax marketing and what you can do to overcome them.


There are some serious ramifications regarding fax marketing. Just like telemarketers, unsolicited promotional faxes are equally unwanted. Regulations not only protect potential customers but also those companies that solicit.

To ensure that you're covering all of your bases, regardless of what country you're working with, always conduct your fax marketing with opt-ins. Never, ever, send unsolicited faxes. Include opt-ins on your website, physical site and even include an option on your main, toll-free number.

Also, these laws insist upon a clear unsubscribe process. If, at any time, your customers no longer want to receive your fax promotions, include several different ways to opt-out. Mirror your opt-in opportunities with your opt-outs. Provide, quick and easy ways for your customers to discontinue receiving your promotions.

To cover all of your bases, regardless of what country, include these opt-out options:

  • Fax
  • Email
  • Toll-Free Number
  • Website
  • Physical Address

Low-Tech Option

Some marketers thumb their nose at fax marketing because of the wide, high-tech options available. SMS! Twitter! Facebook! Email!

However, these other fantastic, high-tech options ought to be included in any comprehensive marketing plan, but fax marketing does play an integral part in garnering new customers and driving sales.

Low-tech doesn't mean low quality. Fax marketing is a clean and simple way to directly connect with your customers.

Fax machines have also come a long way. There are incredible options available that allow you to send high-quality, high DPI promotions. Forget the old, barely legible faxes, scattered with jumpy text. Technology opened the doors for faxes to compete with other forms of communications. Many businesses use email-based faxes, where faxes are sent directly to an email inbox. Also, there are incredible fax machines that produce clear, crisp, professional-looking documents.

Forget the old, dodgy faxes, and remember that all technology evolves. Just because a system is considered "old," doesn't mean that it hasn't reinvented itself.

Awful Reputation

At one time, before the telemarketer-cum-fax marketing laws, every business on the face of the planet received those annoying promotions talking about "Win a Free Vacation!" or "Low-Cost Time Shares: Hurry!"

These ridiculous and useless promotions clogged everyone's fax machines, spitting out one silly page after another. Back in the day, it was extremely hard to unsubscribe from these promotions, and everyone just tossed them into recycling bins, never thinking twice about it.

This bad rep is what most marketers are fighting. Akin to telemarketers and sleazy promotions, most customers ignore any fax unless it's asked for.

To overcome this disastrous rep, use an opt-in method that outlines what the incentives are for signing up. Also, include a sample of what the fax will look like. The more professional and polished, the more possibilities of opt-ins.

For every opt-in opportunity (SMS, social media, and email marketing), the best and brightest marketing minds always include a reason why customers to sign up. This little tidbit also demonstrates that you're not some sleazy promoter with questionable intentions.

Honestly, there are an incredible amount of businesses, including your current customers, that prefer faxes instead of any other form of communications.

(These wonderful businesses are usually well established and generations-old. Keep that in mind for when you decide to promote and target specific businesses!)

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