Showcasing Our Stars: C, PHP Developer

Showcasing Our Stars: C, PHP Developer

Showcasing Our Stars

C is our PHP Developer high school coop. Today he shares his enthusiasm about what he is learning at SimplyCast and in school.

How did you get a job at SimplyCast?

I landed this job after attending the SMU Hack-A-Week.

Which educational institution do you attend and what have you studied? 

I am currently attending high school.

What made you want to join the SimplyCast team?

The work environment and the people I get to work with.

What would you like to gain from working at SimplyCast? What have you gained during your time here?

My goal was to gain skills developing in PHP. After working here for a couple weeks I have made progress on that goal and I've started learning things I didn't even expect to learn.

Did you take part in the Next Star Program? How did you hear about it?

Yes, I heard about it through the SMU Hack-A-Week.

Would you recommend SimplyCast to others?

Yes, it's a fun workplace and a progressive learning environment.

What would you tell an applicant considering SimplyCast for an employment opportunity?

It's an extremely positive environment. You will look forward to going in each day.

What classes or training helped prepare you for working at SimplyCast?

Studying a variety of programming languages.

Can you walk us through a day in the life of a SimplyCast employee?

Start off fresh in the morning and finish yesterday's projects. Take a break and eat. Have a foosball session. Start programming again. Play some more foosball. Finish up the projects for the day.

What's your proudest moment at SimplyCast?

Making my first submission to the application.

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