Showcasing Our Stars: Evan, Partnership Specialist

Showcasing Our Stars: Evan, Partnership Specialist

Showcasing Our Stars

Evan is our Partnership Specialist. Today he talks about the SimplyCast atmosphere and what he has learned.

How did you get a job at SimplyCast?

This was a summer position, I attended the Summer Job Fair at SMU in February, and handed my resume to the Human Resources Specialist.

Which educational institution do you attend and what have you studied?

I have a diploma from the NSCC in Business Administration and I'm going into my last year at Saint Mary's University for a Commerce Degree majoring in Computing and Info Systems.

How did you hear about SimplyCast?

Before the job fair, I was researching companies I would interested in working for and I thought SimplyCast would be a place that I would fit in.

What made you want to join the SimplyCast team?

I was interested because it's a local tech company that's committed to hiring students. The SimplyCast team understands the difficulty of finding a good job as a student. It also helped that there were Nerf guns and a foosball table.

What would you like to gain from working at SimplyCast? What have you gained during your time here?

I would like to gain more industry experience. So far I have learned a lot about sales and creating value for companies.

How would you explain what SimplyCast does?

We make all communications an organization has easier and faster, while building rapport and business intelligence.

What's your vision for SimplyCast? 

Becoming a vital business tool for businesses around the world.

Would you recommend SimplyCast to others?

All the time.

What would you tell an applicant considering SimplyCast for an employment opportunity?

Teamwork and organization skills are very important.

What classes or training helped prepare you for working at SimplyCast?

HTML/CSS, Statistical Analysis, Business Communications.

Can you walk us through a day in the life of a SimplyCast employee?

In the morning I come in and have a coffee, then I check my emails to see if there's anything I need to answer. I have my morning conversation with my team about today's goals and how our week is going. From there, I work away at my tasks for the day. At lunch, most of us all hang out in the lunch room or play foosball, and usually a few of us go for a walk around the area together. The rest of the day is spent working on projects and helping customers with any campaigns they have. At 3:00, the daily foosball tournament breaks out and we all take few minutes to clear our heads. Near the end of the day we wrap up any projects we need completed and then head home.

How does SimplyCast celebrate failures and/or successes?

Successes: high fives and congratulations on a job well done. Failures: mistakes are made, it's what you learn from the mistakes that matters, everyone makes them.

What's your proudest moment at SimplyCast?

Doing a good demo for a client and feeling that they were very interested in the product.

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