Showing Appreciation

Showing Appreciation

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Showing Appreciation

The holidays are an exciting time for many people. It's a time when everyone wants to be with family, not at an office or at work.

With this in mind, we came up with a way for our employees to spend more time with family celebrating this year.

Our employees are our greatest assets and what better way to end the year than with paid CEO Appreciation Days.

CEO Appreciation Days were an idea from the president and CEO of SimplyCast, Saeed El-Darahali.

To recognize our team for a job well done, employees receive one or three days of paid vacation to depending on their length of employment to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. These days off were given in addition to vacation and earned days in Q4.

Thanks to the CEO Appreciation Days, SimplyCast employees were able to fully enjoy the holidays and come back to work relaxed and refreshed.

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