SimplyCast 360: The Cheaper Alternative to MakesBridge

SimplyCast 360: The Cheaper Alternative to MakesBridge

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Alternative to MakesBridge

Companies that offer an email marketing solution like SimplyCast and MakesBridge are on the rise. Marketing automation in email is now common, but not every company does it well. SimplyCast helps you achieve your goals and reach beyond them, providing new ways to communicate with your customers and new channels, for a much more affordable price than the competition.

SimplyCast is a company dedicated to improving customer communication, over every channel and in every way. Because of that vision, SimplyCast 360 was developed. SimplyCast 360 is a multi-channel, user-friendly platform that allows you to stay in consistent contact with your customers and gather dynamic information. Want to follow up with them and see if they appreciate your new methods? 360 does that too.

By setting up the items on the dashboard appropriately, the tools are there to do anything from performing preliminary studies on your target audience to planning offline events and more. If you need to target specific consumer groups based on the responses they give, you have access to analytics and can set up email auto-responders. This functionality is similar to MakesBridge, but with SimplyCast you have access to other channels like SMS, fax, voice, and others. In addition, we have a built-in Contact Manager and we will be implementing a brand new in-depth analytic and reporting tool called Sonar.

You have access to email campaigning and the tools are all there, from a wide variety of templates to a huge amount of content that can alter the entire look and feel of your email. We can help you make it visually pleasing, clear, concise and functional. We offer comprehensive data analysis on all our channels. So you can not only gather public opinion, you can actually see the data from your campaigns updated in real time. We like to stay on top of things so you can too, and save money doing it.

SimplyCast also keeps up a steady stream of content such as blog posts, newsletters and so on. We want to keep you up to date on the latest educational content, give you tips to help your projects lift off and stay strong, and teach you how to use every bit of 360 to your utmost advantage. The support team is available all the time, and happy to help you no matter the issue. When a SimplyCast customer begins their account, they are assigned an account manager who will help them navigate the application and their account. We also frequently post video tutorials and technical documents explaining how new features work.

The reason we can argue that we're an affordable MakesBridge alternative is that our pricing packages start at just $49. On the other hand, MakesBridge pricing can be $1500 for many of the same features. In addition, we don't impose email caps, charging per contacts sent to rather than emails sent per month. Using SimplyCast means working with a thriving, determined team and a powerful yet simple application that automates and improves on every area of customer communication, and there's only one bill. Competitive pricing with services that only offer one channel of communications means that you're getting over 15 products for the price of one.

Contact us to learn more! If you want more details about our channels and features, check out our marketing automation page for a full list!

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