SimplyCast 360: An Effective Alternative to SproutLoud

SimplyCast 360: An Effective Alternative to SproutLoud

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Alternative to SproutLoud

Big businesses often put out an exorbitant amount of money and time on marketing. They pay for PPC Ads, video, audio, print, and often marketing automation platforms like SproutLoud and SimplyCast. These platforms provide multiple services and send messages to thousands of contacts, if not hundreds of thousands or more, at a time. These platforms save time and money, and provide unique services, however it is arguable that SimplyCast is the better alternative.

Beginning with our target audience, SproutLoud is focused on enterprise level only. SimplyCast knows that not every business begins with a huge, overarching parent company, and sometimes a good idea takes off and catapults a newcomer to huge success. We want to support you the whole journey over, and that's why we offer our platform regardless of the level of business you're at, and offer continued support and training as you build your brand. In addition, we have an impressive content base, with more going up every day, and in so many new ways.

Speaking of content, you can check out industry specific-pages for links to relevant blog posts, videos, even downloadable pdf files that contain templates you can use to build fast, effective campaigns that make your business more efficient. Our FAQ section has a lot of information on how you can use specific features, and you can also download our technical manual, learning how every single setting in our application works.

Another thing that makes SimplyCast an excellent alternative is our array of features. We offer Email, SMS, Voice, and so much more that you can use to get your message out, integrating with major CRMs to offer accesibility with your older contact lists. We have a built-in contact manager ourselves, as well as our new SimplyCast Sonar that gives you access to tracking both external leads and seeing everything being done with your media. Compared with SproutLoud, it's plain to see that we have more ways to get your message out. In fact, we offer 15 channels plus additional products to customers in over 175 countries and 11 languages.

Our channels and products are great, but they wouldn't be any good if you didn't know about them, or how much they cost. Because we know that we display our comprehensive features and pricing on our web page. SproutLoud lacks any kind of pricing on their page, however most enterprise-only solutions are several thousands of dollars. For use of our platform, our Enterprise-level package including everything in our product base is just $499. That even comes with multi-user accounts for other employees, and can be added onto from there.

To sum all of that up, we offer a versatile, powerful product to a huge number of customers, and no matter what level of business you're at, it can be yours for a fraction of the normal cost. And if you're not sure, you can always take our 14-day trial and check out our content, and pick up our Contact Manager and SimplyCast Sonar for free! You can check out more on our marketing automation page, and explore our content to see all we offer, or request a demo with our sales team to see it in action. We're confident that we can prove, as though all of this hasn't already, that we're an effective SproutLoud alternative.

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