SimplyCast 8.8: Audience Management

SimplyCast 8.8: Audience Management

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Audience Management

A new feature has just been added to the email app that will help narrow your target audience and allow your contacts to pick and choose what communications they want to receive.

Audience management allows you to do targeted marketing easily and effectively.

Here's how it works

Basically, in the CRM, you can create groups. These groups reflect a type of communication or message your clients may receive such as newsletters or system updates. Inside these groups, you can create audiences so you can better target your subscribers with relevant information. For example, in the Newsletter group, you could have a Sales and an Informative audience and in the System Updates group, you could have audiences for Application Enhancements and Downtime Notifications. Creating groups and audiences ensure that contacts only get the information relevant to their interests.

After you've created your audiences, you can use them in your email campaigns to narrow and target your communications. When you get to the email scheduling page, you are able to select which audience or group you want to send your email to.

Pretty neat, right?

But, wait. It gets better

The new audience management tool will also change how your subscribers interact with all of your newsletters.

Let's say, for example, one subscriber loses interest in your sales newsletter and wants to unsubscribe from it, but still wants to receive your information newsletter. With the old unsubscribe tool, if they unsubscribed from the sales newsletter they would be unsubscribing from all of your emails. The audience management tool prevents this.

Subscribers can now choose which emails to unsubscribe from. This means that even though the contact may have unsubscribed from your sales newsletters, they may not have unsubscribed from your information newsletter. As an added bonus, with the new audience management tool, email subscribers can opt-in for other emails from the unsubscribe page! So, even though your contact unsubscribed from sales newsletter, they may see a monthly newsletter option they are interested in and subscribe from the same page.

Want to unsubscribe?

Of course, as always, contacts can choose to unsubscribe from all emails if they want to but they now have the option to be more selective about their unsubscribing and you have the ability to narrow your target group through the use of Audience Management.

If you have any questions or feedback about Audience Management or any of the 8.8 updates, be sure to contact us at, and be sure to check out this helpful video as well.

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