SimplyCast 8.8: Release Week

SimplyCast 8.8: Release Week

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SimplyCast 8.8

The team at SimplyCast has been incredibly busy working on some neat new features and updates to the platform and now we're ready to share them with the world with the launch of SimplyCast 8.8!

With multiple additions and changes to the system, we felt that introducing them all in one day would be too overwhelming. So, instead, we decided to hold a Release Week!

Throughout this week we will be rolling out a new feature or update each day, beginning Tuesday, March 1st.

Be sure to keep an eye out on social media for updates on each stage of the launch as well as our blog, which will showcase some content about each feature the day it is released.

Helpful videos on some of the new features will also be available for your viewing pleasure to help guide you through the changes and updates to the platform.

We are excited to show off these upgrades to our platform and we are confident that you will love the changes and updates as much as we do!

Please feel free to contact Customer Care if you have any questions or feedback, and check out this video for a teaser of what to expect with this week's launch!

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