SimplyCast 8.8: CRM

SimplyCast 8.8: CRM

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If you've visited your SimplyCast CRM recently you may have noticed a few changes. That's because Phase One of the CRM application updates has just been released. In these updates you will notice that navigation of the app is now much easier.

1. Addition of drawers

The drawers on each page will now allow you to create and edit content without changing pages. Need to edit a contact? Edit it from the contact view without losing your spot. Also on the contact profile page, you can see the contact overview, and upcoming tasks in addition to notes from any lists that contact may be on.

If you just need to take a quick glance at a contact, you can now do that from your contact list instead of opening up the whole contact. By just clicking once on a contact, you will bring up a brief overview on the right-hand side that will show you their basic contact information as well as any upcoming tasks and notes.

2. Redesigned Add Contacts page

Adding a contact is now also a new process. Instead of having a small window that pops up and allows you to enter information, there will now be a standalone page. This new contact page will allow you to more easily add new information and get a better look at the contact you are entering. Tasks have also been updated. If a task relating to a specific contact is coming up, it now appears on the contact's page.

3. More streamlined Pipelines and Tasks

Both Tasks and Pipelines have been redesigned to not only be more appealing and streamlined but also to increase productivity. Pipelines, for example, are now presented in easy-to-read stages with circles representing each stage. This makes understanding the status of each pipeline stage and the contacts in it much easier.

4. Adding lists updated

The way you add lists has also been improved. Now when you upload a list, you are walked through steps to help you set up and optimize your list through mapping fields to the CRM and selecting which channel is the main use of the list. This is just another way that phase one will help keep your data organized and easy to read.

More to come

With all this in Phase One, you may be wondering what is left for Phase Two of the CRM updates. Phase Two will bring you company-specific profiles, new customizable reporting, drag-and-drop functionality in pipelines, advanced filtering, and more.

While we're working on Phase Two, be sure to play around with the new CRM and take advantage of the new designs and functionality. If you have any feedback, please get in touch with Customer Care at Also, check out this video for what's coming with the rest of the 8.8 launch!

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