SimplyCast Added to Facebook App Center

SimplyCast Added to Facebook App Center

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SimplyCast Added to Facebook App Center

Exciting news for everyone who spends a lot of time on Facebook and a lot of time using SimplyCast. Now you can add our marketing app to your Facebook page for quick access to your SimplyCast account. Once you add the app to your page, you can log in to your account with one click.

Facebook is a great place to keep all of the apps you use every day handy. Once the accounts are tied, there is no more needing to remember passwords making it even more accessible when you are not at the office.

Only after a few days, there are hundreds of users getting on board and that is exciting to see. Share it with your friends or business partners who are looking for a solution to automate their marketing and to grow business.

For those who love their Facebook apps but have not tried SimplyCast yet, we are all about making it easy to send email newsletters, online surveys, fax promos, text messages and even voice recordings to your customers. We also take the hassle out of managing your subscriber lists, tracking campaign performance, and connecting to the most powerful social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

On top of having our Facebook app now listed, we also have a very powerful Facebook marketing tool within our platform. It allows you to set up autoposts to your company Facebook page as well as create one-click apps that allow you to feature newsletters, surveys, signup forms and more right on your company page. You create your campaign in SimplyCast and have it automatically outputted to Facebook.

That will certainly make it easier to create a seamless marketing blitz for your next product release or next company event.

We could go on all day but why not try it out for yourself.

First, add the SimplyCast app to your Facebook profile for easy account access and then try out the Facebook marketing tool for added coverage of your company. Currently, most of the Facebook marketing tool features are free to try, but that will be changing over the next few weeks, so we suggest using it today.

Step 1: Add the SimplyCast Facebook app and either access your current SimplyCast account or create a new one.

Step 2: Use all of the functionality of our Facebook marketing tool to automate your Facebook marketing and to grow your brand using the world's largest social network.

See you soon on Facebook.

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