SimplyCast: Outstanding Alternative to Brand Muscle

SimplyCast: Outstanding Alternative to Brand Muscle

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Alternative To Brand Muscle

Whether you're looking at SimplyCast or Brand Muscle, it is clear that marketing automation is a quickly growing market. Particularly in email, but also in many other areas. As such, solutions are available aplenty in the form of companies like SimplyCast, Brand Muscle, and others. When you trust someone with automating your marketing information though, you want to be sure that you are making a good investment and saving money, rather than spending out what you don't need to for automation with no point. This is a common worry when considering e-campaigns or automation.

This is where SimplyCast comes in. SimplyCast is a company dedicated to improving customer communication. We offer versatile features and support regardless of industry, including Fax and Voice campaigning capable of delivering personalized messages right to your customers over those mediums. SMS and other communication channels essential to building a good working relationship with your clientele are also included, bringing the total of our products to a robust 15 and still growing. This is what we designed. This is SimplyCast 360. This platform aims to outperform our competition in as many ways as possible. As such, we support multiple channels of communication in a single campaign, help you gather information on and from your clients with responsive tracking and reporting, and also assist with creating landing pages for your website. 360 does it all.

Using the items that we supply on the Dashboard of 360, you are given the tools to do anything from developing an education campaign to raise awareness about your company, to sending reminders that a specific date, appointment, or event is approaching. You can even set up an offline event's admission and management details in 360. Do you need to break up your outgoing messages based on metrics gathered from customers? No problem. You have targeting data, auto-responses and other email features that our competitors offer, but with SimplyCast, you get access to all the other channels in 360 too. All of those products bundled in one place.

Our content in the application is far from all we offer though. On our site you'll find blogs, articles, guides and even a technical manual geared to making sure you understand things as clearly as possible. None of which you need to sign up for. Our support team is available to contact via email or phone anytime, and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can. Our website is continually updating with new content, tips and tricks for your industry, templates specific to your needs and more. In addition, reading our content means that you might be made aware of new features before the official release. They might not be available yet, but you can ask about them, and learn what's coming next.

Another feature that gives us a leg up on the competition is our billing. SimplyCast offers all of our services at rates comparable to what most automation businesses ask for a single service. That's right, you didn't misread that. All fifteen channels for the price of one, and conveniently all on the same bill at the end of the month. At our most expensive version of 360, we cost only $499, and that's less than most solutions that only offer one channel. It's also substantially lower than the $40000 price tag on the enterprise level only solution Brand Muscle offers.

Try Your Brand Muscle Alternative Today

With this pricing scheme and our services, we're accessible and useful at the enterprise level, or even at the small business level. Regardless of where you are in your journey, SimplyCast is here to help, with products and pricing best suited for you. So you save money on increasing your visiblity, engagement, and improve your communication all at once. Since when was that possible? Since SimplyCast decided they wanted to push the limits of what an automation platform could do. And we're far from finished. Learn more about marketing automation and our prices and features.

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