SimplyCast CRM: The Perfect Local Government CRM For You

SimplyCast CRM: The Perfect Local Government CRM For You

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Local Government CRM

Are you a municipal government in need of a solution to help you store and manage your contacts? Whether your contacts are citizens, fellow government employees, or even visitors to your area, SimplyCast has the perfect local government CRM to meet your needs. Don’t believe us? We can prove it. Here are some of the features we offer in our CRM sure to be an asset to your government operations.

Main contact repository

First things first. You need a place to store all your contact data that is easily accessible and searchable. When you first enter the SimplyCast CRM, you arrive in the main contact repository – essentially your “All Contacts” list. Here you are able to filter and search by contact name, or any of the collected contact information you like. This enables to quickly enter into a contact’s personal profile where you can view or update any of their specific information. Being able to perform these actions efficiently is essential if you are in the middle of dealing with a resident’s concerns and need to access their information to help them.

List management

While having a main section for all of your contacts is certainly useful in some respects, this doesn’t necessarily help keep all of your contacts organized into their respective functions. With the list management capability SimplyCast provides, you can segregate your contacts into separate lists based on why you are holding their contact information. For example, you can maintain lists of government employees, permanent residents, seasonal residents, members of certain action group, and more! Contacts can even belong to multiple lists, guaranteeing you can find them whenever needed.

Custom information columns

There’s nothing worse than a contact database that requires you to conform to its pre-specified terminology when it comes to collecting contact information and displaying it in table format. While the SimplyCast CRM includes some common names for table columns such as Name, Address, Email, and Phone, we also provide the ability to let you create your own columns based on the information you need to store about your contacts. Perhaps you need to store information regarding a contact’s political party affiliation. You can create a custom column in the SimplyCast to reflect this information and it will display exactly as you need it to in the table of contact information.

Pipeline management

Do you need to track your citizens engagement efforts throughout the duration of an awareness campaign? With SimplyCast’s Pipeline feature in the CRM, you can easily see how many citizens you have contacted, how many have been followed up with, and how many need to be reached out to again by progressing them through a visual pipeline structure. This can help your government be sure that citizens are aware of any political issue that comes up affecting them and reduce the number of complaints from those who claim they weren’t informed.

Task creation

It can be difficult to determine whether an employee of your local government followed up with a certain disgruntled citizen after the investigation of an issue. SimplyCast’s local government CRM solution allows you to create tasks to help with the management of this process and ensure every citizen receives the information they request. When the government employee completes the required action for a specific contact, they can then close the task and a record will appear in the CRM indicating they have done so. This is just another way SimplyCast help you keep your contact management efforts organized.

Audience management

SimplyCast’s CRM application provides many organizational tools, as seen in the features listed above. Audience Management is another one, specifically used when sending messages to contacts through a communication channel like email, SMS, or phone. Audience Management is essentially a way to facilitate contacts’ ability to unsubscribe to certain communications while still opting to receive others. For example, if your local government sends out a monthly and weekly newsletter to contacts you can create a Newsletters group with a Monthly and Weekly audience. A contact who receives both newsletters decides they no longer wish to receive so many messages from you. They can then manage their subscription preferences and choose to remove themselves from the weekly newsletter audience while still remaining in the monthly newsletter audience.

Still not convinced we provide the perfect local government CRM?

If you still have questions about SimplyCast’s CRM application and all its functionality, contact our team today and we’ll be happy to help! If you would like to see for yourself what we have to offer by way of a local government CRM, sign up for a free 14-day trial of the SimplyCast platform.

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