SimplyCast's Customer Engagement Software: 8 Reasons

SimplyCast's Customer Engagement Software: 8 Reasons

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8 Reasons to Choose SimplyCast Customer Engagement Software

No business in the world can survive for long without acquiring new customers. New customers don’t just bring instant revenue, they also open the door for a steady revenue stream though an upsell process. That’s why businesses have always emphasized on capturing new customers.

However, for many businesses, getting new customers is not a simple job. Especially, for many B2B businesses, capturing new deals can take a long time. Often, it starts with capturing leads online, nurturing and engaging leads in a timely manner, and, finally, closing a deal.

A manual system can deal with a handful of leads, but when you are planning to grow your business, an effective, automated lead engagement process is mandatory. Without an automated solution, you cannot engage thousands or even hundreds of leads in a timely manner. On top of that, if you aim for personalized engagement, a manual customer engagement process turns into a nearly impossible job.

Therefore, businesses are taking help from digital contact engagement solution providers to ensure an efficient and effective engagement process.

By using an automation solution, you gain many perks in terms of business acceleration. For instance, you can boost the purchasing intent of leads at scale, measure the performance of your engagement campaigns, and create brand awareness.

SimplyCast is the leading provider of digital engagement and provides a fully customizable and scalable contact engagement solution. SimplyCast built this solution entirely in-house with a state-of-the-art digital form builder, email marketing, CRM, and marketing automation platform. If you are looking for an effective contact engagement solution, SimplyCast is the ideal solution for you.

Now, what makes SimplyCast unique among all these solution providers? SimplyCast offers features to help you plan, build, and execute a formidable contact engagement process. In this blog, we have listed our top 8 reasons why you should consider SimplyCast as your partner to boost your digital lead engagement process.

#1 No Code Software

If you are not comfortable with the digital solution you are using, you will not be able to design and execute any engagement campaign properly. You can try to run an engagement campaign, but it is unlikely to be efficient. Marketers often face trouble when a platform requires technical skills. To address this issue, SimplyCast provides a no code/low code platform with drag-and-drop functionality. We have an intuitive user

interface so you can explore your creativity to the fullest. Let SimplyCast handle the technical aspects.

#2 Anti-Spam Compliance

Do you know what hurts your engagement message deliverability rate? Spamming! Spamming is prohibited in many countries and is considered a bad practice with severe consequences. SimplyCast is aware of that and has incorporated best practices into the technology. You can automatically mark leads/customers who do not want to hear from you and the platform will ensure that no message is sent to them.

#3 Military-Grade Security

Information security is one of the most prioritized factors when it comes to using a digital solution. Naturally, any business will want to ensure that their data and their customer information remain in a secure space. SimplyCast is an ISO 27001:2013 certified solution with data centers in the USA and Canada. SimplyCast has a rigorous security policy and frequently checks the system to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities. All your files and data are safe in secured servers.

#4 Personalized Onboarding and Training

SimplyCast doesn’t just sign a deal and leave clients on their own! SimplyCast provides a hyper-personalized onboarding process to all clients. SimplyCast also provides personalized training to clients so they can explore and utilize SimplyCast’s contact engagement solution to the fullest.

#5 Campaign Consultation

At any point, if any client feels that they need help, SimplyCast is only a few clicks away. SimplyCast’s dedicated account managers are always ready to help you. Let it be building a new engagement campaign or tweak an existing campaign, the team is always there to assist.

#6 Super Scalable Service

Scalability is one of the major criteria when you are going all digital. You can send nearly unlimited messages.

#7 Marketing Automation

Perhaps, this is the best thing about choosing SimplyCast’s contact engagement solution: you can also leverage many other use cases. SimplyCast’s platform consists of over 20 marketing channels. Alongside running a super-efficient contact engagement process, you can also use it for other marketing, sales, business development, and digital engagement purposes too. In summary, you are getting an all-in-one digital engagement solution.

#8 Most Affordable Pricing

SimplyCast is a solution that do not break the banks! SimplyCast has affordable pricing categories to choose from. No matter what your business size is, you can always find a pricing model. Also, SimplyCast only charges you based on what you use.

More to Offer!

That’s right! With SimplyCast, you can design your customer engagement framework in unlimited ways. SimplyCast’s goal is to optimize your lead engagement process without costing you more time and resources.

Why wait? Learn more about how SimplyCast can transform your contact engagement process into a revenue generating machine.

Book a one-on-one demo with our experts today.

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