SimplyCast Blog: SimplyCast Announces Free Email-Marketing-4-Life Offering

SimplyCast Announces Free Email-Marketing-4-Life Offering

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HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, April 29, 2008

SimplyCast, a leading on-demand e-marketing solutions company, is launching a new outreach campaign to showcase the usability, attractive templates, effectiveness, and other enhanced features of its email marketing service.

The Free Email-Marketing-4-Life offering enables internet users to easily store, track and manage their email lists, as well as send email campaigns on a monthly basis, at no cost for low email volumes.

Businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals can integrate SimplyCast's automatic email capture service into their website and/or blog , and then quickly and easily create and send email marketing campaigns.

"Email marketing is a powerful tool that must be part of every communications strategy today. With the Free Email-Marketing-4-Life offering, users benefit from our enhanced tracking and reporting features, attractive templates, automatic bounce management, and online technical support," said Lesley Fegarty, sales manager at Mailworkz. "We continue to develop new and innovative marketing solutions so our customers can better reach and serve their customers."

SimplyCast attracts customers worldwide from a variety of industries, including educational institutions, non-profit organizations, real estate firms, marketing companies and government organizations.

For the past five years, SimplyCast (formerly called Mailworkz) has offered a free email list management solution through its Ezlistz product. Now this functionality is fully integrated within the SimplyCast email marketing service.

The SimplyCast web-based email campaign solution includes features necessary to establish, maintain and manage email relationships with customers. The self-service platform allows anyone, whether it is somebody new to internet marketing or a seasoned professional, to create and send email marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes. SimplyCast also eliminates problems often associated with managing email databases and relationships with Internet Service Providers

Click here to trial the Free Email-Marketing-4-Life offering.

About SimplyCast

As a leading e-marketing solutions company, SimplyCast provides its services to more than 10,000 customers worldwide in various industries, including legal, retail, tourism, real estate, and advertising. SimplyCast allows companies to grow their business by easily reaching and communicating with their customers. SimplyCast, which used to be Mailworkz was established in 1999 and was one of the first e-marketing solutions companies on the web. The company's Zebratracks, a web-based e-marketing service, allows businesses to send personalized emails, conduct surveys and manage events. The company also provides its customers with Eztrackz, an online marketing, and click-fraud tracking service; Blacklist Monitor, a blacklist IP tracking service; and Ezlistz, a tool that assists businesses with creating email lists.

For more information contact:

Lesley Fegarty
SimplyCast 902.835.3582

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