SimplyCast Highlight: Blocklist Monitor

SimplyCast Highlight: Blocklist Monitor

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Blacklist Monitor

How many emails do you think are sent in a day? 579 million? 11 billion? 89 billion?

It is estimated that close to 259 billion emails are sent every day, from work emails to personal, marketing, and more.

But what if your emails aren't going through? How do you know if you're not blocklisted?

Our blocklist monitor application can give you peace of mind.

As you can guess, email marketing makes up a large part of any company's strategy to get their products and services in front of potential consumers. After all, 89 percent of marketers believe that marketing emails are their number one channel to get leads and sales.

Unfortunately, that is where a digital marketer's worst fear comes into play: have their email marked as spam and blocklisted.

What is a blocklist? Essentially, it is a server that houses the information of all email senders who have had their messages flagged as spam.

You see – when an email is marked it as spam, the IP address associated with the sender can be sent to countless blocklists in an effort stop spam from reaching a contact's inbox.

When your IP address is blocklisted, emails sent from that IP address will automatically be labeled as spam and redirected to a person's junk folder. This not only harms your email deliverability but also has negative impacts on your online reputation as well.

The worst part? You may not even know you are blocklisted.

With our blocklist monitor, you can have multiple IP addresses checked across over 30 blocklists daily with instant notifications sent to your email if you are flagged. You can even find out how to repeal the blocklisting through the application by following instructions laid out for each unique blocklist.

If you're considering trying blocklist monitor, or if you want to see how SimplyCast can improve your organization, try a free 14-day trial and discover what our solutions can do for you and your clients!

Looking to employ this service but unsure if you'll have the content creation resources? You can have a dedicated SimplyCast employee who can create and manage your campaigns. Learn more about our Hands-Free program where you reap all the benefits with none of the hassle.

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