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SimplyCast Highlight: IVR Builder

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IVR Builder

How many of us have called into a company's main phone line and encountered a call tree directory asking you to press 1 for one option, 2 for the next, and so on?

This is known as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR). An IVR system can be used in a number of different ways, whether during emergency scenarios or simply for day-to-day business operations.

Here at SimplyCast, we have developed a new tool that will allow you to easily create and customize your own IVR call tree. Using the IVR Builder you can choose the dial in number people can call to access the call tree menu and then configure what will happen when these callers press each specific number on their dial pads.

Some of the options available to choose from when configuring your IVR system are playing a pre-determined announcement, transferring the caller to another phone number, connecting the caller to an OnCall group, or hanging up. You are also able to create sub-IVRs, which are menus of options that are only accessible through a primary IVR with a dial-in number, and add them as a dial pad option when configuring the primary IVR.

As mentioned before, one of the uses for a call tree IVR could be to make things run more smoothly and efficiently in an emergency situation. An IVR could be set up in advance, yet only enabled when an incident occurs. The IVR system could direct callers to the appropriate department to report a power outage, relay information regarding operational hours, or even provide callers with answers to the most frequently asked questions. This way, emergency operators do not need to waste valuable time and resources fielding calls and questions and can instead focus their efforts towards mitigating the emergency situation.

The IVR Builder facilitates the creation and management of all your different IVR menus and submenus and allows you to activate and deactivate them whenever you need to. Editing the menus is as easy as swapping out the old text or audio files for new ones in the simple-to-use editor. To learn more about the SimplyCast IVR Builder, check out this page on the SimplyCast website.

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