SimplyCast Highlight: Live Survey

SimplyCast Highlight: Live Survey

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Live Survey

Are you and your family experiencing a loss of power?

How close is the forest fire to your current location?

What kind of pizza does everyone want for the staff party?

These questions, though varying in degrees of urgency, all have one thing in common. They all only require a simple answer from recipients so that the asker is able to come to a quick consensus and decide on which course of action to take next.

SimplyCast has a new Live Survey feature that will allow these askers to gather responses more efficiently than ever before and manage the responses in one, centralized location to help determine patterns and trends. With Live Survey, you can create a single question and send it through up to three different communication methods: email, SMS, and phone.

Survey questions can be asked as either a multiple choice (several pre-set answer options provided) or an open-ended (requiring a longer form response) question.

Multiple choice surveys are able to be sent through email, SMS, and voice. Users responding via email will receive a link in their email that they can click to open the survey in another page in their browser. SMS recipients will be asked to respond to the text message with a specific code and the number of their chosen option. Those who receive the survey via telephone will be asked to press a number on their dial pad corresponding to the answer they wish to choose.

In the case of open-ended questions, surveys are only able to be sent out via email and SMS as they require a more detailed response.

Depending on the situation, one of these question types may be preferable over the other. For example, during more pressing situations, such as in the case of an emergency, you may just want a simple "Yes" or "No" response from your audience, in which case a multiple choice survey question would be your best bet for ensuring a direct and concise reply, whereas an open-ended question might be more beneficial when looking to gain as much information as possible about a developing situation.

Once your survey question has been created and sent out to all necessary contacts, monitoring incoming responses is greatly facilitated through the use of the reporting interface. The report provides you with all received information as it comes in in real time with a handy graphing visual showing the number of responses received for each answer (for multiple choice surveys) as well as the communication method use by each contact.

What's more, every time a contact changes his or her response as their situation evolves, you are able to see these updates appear automatically on the survey report as soon as they happen. With this valuable information you can continue to monitor the event as it unfolds, knowing that you remain completely up to date.

Live Survey is a tool that doesn't just have to be used to gather information during a serious event. It can benefit your organization in other ways, such as helping you engage your contacts by asking them to provide feedback about a product or service, answer a fun "question of the day," or it can even be used internally in your organization by asking employees' opinions on the new office décor.

If you would like to learn more about SimplyCast's new Live Survey feature and how you can use it as part of your business, check out the EmergHub website on the SimplyCast website, or request a demo of the solution by clicking the button below!

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