SimplyCast Highlight: Recall

SimplyCast Highlight: Recall

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SimplyCast Highlight

A forest fire ignited.

An important, time-sensitive project was just handed to you.

You need players for an upcoming company softball tournament.

There's a situation unfolding and you need to rally a team including members with specialized skill sets, who are best equipped to handle what needs to be accomplished.

SimplyCast's new Recall feature provides you with the ability to send out a mass recall notice to your staff or list of on call personnel over three communication channels: email, SMS, and telephone, in order to make sure your contacts receive the message in as timely a manner as possible so to most efficiently resolve the matter at hand.

With Recall, you are able to set the exact number of responders required to deal with the situation and through the reporting interface, you will know exactly who is and isn't able to respond, allowing you to reach out to more contacts if need be.

You can also segment your recall notice into specific responder type categories so you can ensure you form the most well-rounded team possible, made up of those who possess the training, skillset, or authority required to effectively do the job that needs to be done.

Recalls can be customized with confirmation and decline replies that will be sent to contacts who either agree or decline to respond to the notice; the confirmation reply could contain more information about the project or event, for example.

When you have gathered the requisite number of personnel needed for one responder type category, you are able to close that category to prevent an excessive number of responders. Any contact who responds positively to the recall notice after their category has been closed will get a message saying they are no longer required at that time.

Managing personnel and their specialized skill sets and amassing your ideal team has never been easier to do. Whether you are in the midst of an emergency situation or simply needing to burn the midnight oil to complete a project, Recall allows you to quickly rally qualified professionals who will make managing the task as efficient as possible.

If you would like to learn more about SimplyCast's Recall tool, contact

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