SimplyCast Offers Industry Specific Marketing Solutions

SimplyCast Offers Industry Specific Marketing Solutions

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Industry Specific Marketing Solutions

Yes, SimplyCast offers multiple ways to automate marketing. That is all fine. But how does that help your business if you work in a specific industry? Some features are much better for specific verticals than others.

That is why our team has focused on industry-specific solutions no matter the background you come from.

Check out what SimplyCast can do for you in the following industries.


E-commerce is a fairly new way of doing business, so it is vital that you understand industry best practices so you can conduct your online business properly. Take it from the experts, there are a lot of digital marketing campaigns out there, but those who use best practices yield the most positive results. We have outlined some of the tips and tricks we learned along the way to explain exactly how to use the SimplyCast interactive marketing platform to boost your business.

Increase conversions


Email marketing campaigns

Targeted landing pages

Social media

Appeal to shoppers using:

Modern-day marketing practices emphasize customer experience and customer relationship management. Marketing is no longer about transactions between companies and shoppers; it is about building a relationship with your customers. People want to feel like your company cares about them, like they are receiving personal benefits by buying from your company.


Online forms

Send exclusive offers

Action-based campaigns

Check out the full details of how you can use marketing automation for the retail industry.



Simple client management

Managing multiple-clients can be difficult; managing multiple clients across multiple channels of communication using multiple vendors can be a nightmare. With SimplyCast's all-in-one marketing platform, you can do everything from one account. Our system allows you to have multiple multi-user accounts for different clients and gives you access to over 15 different marketing tools.


Permission-based multi-user accounts

All-in-one account

Advanced list management

Campaign management from start to finish

From campaign creation to scheduling to sending, we've got you covered. Our intuitive work flows walk your through every step of the process and the SimplyCast system automatically generates real-time reports for each campaign sent through your account. You can manage the entire campaign-based marketing process from one central interface with no hassle.


Easy campaign creation

Useful resources

Track results to optimize ROI



List building strategies

Email marketing strategies are gaining momentum in the financial industry, but before we get into content strategies, we want to help you overcome the biggest challenge associated with this form of marketing: building your database. In order to succeed with email marketing in the financial services industry, you need to build a solid list of contacts with whom you can engage.


Online forms to collect information

Social media

Targeting landing pages

Regular financial updates

Experts in the customer experience space emphasize that customers are devoted to companies that help them learn. Companies that provide consultative advice, industry updates, and general information helps enhance customer relationships with your company. Providing this information gives you the opportunity to then cross-market complementary products, increasing your overall marketing scope in an educational way that also helps establish you as a leader in the space.


Daily email updates

Finance-related newsletters

RSS news feeds

View the full details of how you can use marketing automation for the financial industry.


Student recruitment is all about effectively marketing your educational institution. You need to appeal to the individual interests of each prospective student. Frequently interacting with prospective students will let them know that you care about them on a personal level, and start to build a bond between them and your institution.Student recruitment processes


Contact list builder

Targeted sending of content

Automated updates and reminders

Student and faculty communication

To run an efficient operation, members of your academic community need to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently. The ability to communicate with a number of people at the click of a button can be very powerful when conveying important messages and updating students and faculty members.


Campus newsletters

Automated sending of academic material

Feedback forms

To see the full details of how you can use marketing automation for the education industry, click here.

These suggestions are just the beginning for each industry. Basically, with over 15 tools of marketing and communication at your disposal, you can reach your clients regardless of whether they use online, offline, mobile or social to digest information.

Here are all of our industry-specific solutions. More will be added so please check back if you don't see your vertical listed

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