SimplyCast Introduces the Agent Program

SimplyCast Introduces the Agent Program

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Agent Program

We are proud and excited to announce the official launch of the SimplyCast Agent Program!

Similar to the White Label Reseller Program, the SimplyCast Agent Program allows individuals and businesses to sell SimplyCast products to their clients. However, agents are different from resellers in that they sell products with the SimplyCast branding rather than their own.

Once they pay the Agent Program fee, a SimplyCast Agent's job is simple: get people interested in SimplyCast. Agents can use their tried-and-true marketing techniques to pique clients' interest. Agents will also be certified through the online training program, SimplyCast University, so they will have a strong understanding of the SimplyCast platform and will be able to share that knowledge with their clients.

Once a client is interested, the Agent will pass their contact information on to the SimplyCast sales team…and then their job is done! SimplyCast takes care of closing the sale, as well as all onboarding, training, customer support, and account management processes, while the Agent earns 35% commission over 2 years (30% in Year 1 and 5% in Year 2), just for initiating sales. It's an easy process that gives the Agent more time to perfect their marketing strategies and reach out to even more leads. More leads mean more closed sales, which means more money in the agent's pocket!

Because the Agent's only responsibility is to bring leads to the SimplyCast sales team, the job is suitable for just about anyone. You don't need to be tech-savvy or have extensive sales experience, and you can work on your own schedule to accommodate other jobs or time commitments. This makes it easy for anyone to become a SimplyCast Agent if they so choose.

Benefits of the Agent Program don't stop at commission either. Agents receive full training on the SimplyCast platform as well as complete access to SimplyCast training documents and resources.  Furthermore, individuals and small businesses can boost their clientele by partnering with the trusted SimplyCast brand. When clients choose SimplyCast based on an agent's recommendation, they'll come back for more and trust that agent to continue offering them the best of the best in the future.

SimplyCast has a symbiotic relationship with agents; SimplyCast reaches a wider audience with the help of agents, and agents can boost their own audience by associating themselves with the best in marketing automation. Whether you're a self-employed individual or part of a larger company, the SimplyCast Agent Program has a lot to offer!

Want to become an Agent?

Learn more about the Agent Program by contacting us directly at for more information or to become a SimplyCast Agent yourself!

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