SimplyCast to Lend a Hand to Famine in East Africa

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When you take a look at the big picture, there are so many things far more important than open rates and sales conversions. That is why the SimplyCast team decided that we needed to expand our social responsibility and do our part to help out the people of East Africa.

Today we sent out a press release to list off the ways we are raising money for the Horn of Africa during the month of August.

From the press release:

The Dartmouth-based interactive marketing company is joining the relief efforts on two fronts. First, 30% from all new sales during the month of August will be donated to the East Africa Drought Relief Fund which was created by the Canadian Government. Funds from this donation matching program will support on-going humanitarian assistance in drought-affected parts of East Africa. SimplyCast is also running a fundraising campaign through its Facebook page where anyone wishing to make a direct donation can do so. These donations will go directly to the Canadian Red Cross to help the citizens of East Africa and will be used to help provide food, clean water, shelter and health services that will save lives. These donations will also be matched by the Canadian Government.

Read the full press release here.

To learn all about these two fundraising initiatives, you can go to our Facebook page where everything is explained in more detail.

We ask you to share this with your friends through social media so we can make the biggest difference possible.

Thank you for your support.



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