SimplyCast Blog: Name the SimplyCast Marketing Automation Mascot

Name the SimplyCast Marketing Automation Mascot

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Name the SimplyCast Marketing Automation Mascot

Mascots are fun, there are no two ways about it. A mascot or figurehead helps define your brand and makes the business stand out from the masses.

SimplyCast has always been a marketing automation powerhouse, but there was never a true face.

Well now we have one and he is cute. The problem is, he does not have a name.

Around the office, he is referred to as "the nerd" for the most part and that just is not very nice. So to give him a name, we have turned it over to our users and fans. Right now on our Facebook page, you can suggest a name and possibly even win a cool prize for doing so.

There are quite a few suggestions already but not that are sure-fire winners. So what do you think this guy should be called? 

This contest started the other day when our monthly newsletter went out to the masses.

Check it out if you missed it. Integration was the theme as well as some important rules to know about voice broadcasting. Can't wait to hear what you have for us.

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