SimplyCast Rewind - The Best of November

SimplyCast Rewind - The Best of November

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Hard to believe it is December already, eh? Time flies when you are email marketing I guess.

As Christmas gets closer by the day, life can get pretty hectic and time consuming. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the rearview mirror for another year and everyone's email marketing campaigns are out in the world bringing in new customers and hopefully making sales.

With all the planning, writing, list building and testing that you have been doing to prepare your holiday marketing, there probably was not a lot of time to actually read.

That is why the SimplyCast team is taking a look back at November and highlighting the information you may have missed.
Even the most seasoned email marketer can run out of great content from time-to-time. Those who write a lot know that ideas are not always flowing and some days are a lot harder than others. So how do you beat the dreaded writer's block and return to pumping out witty and creative copy?
Here are a few tips to get your creative juices flowing that will keep your subscribers engrossed in your future emails!
SimplyCast has been rolling out free dedicated IP addresses to our valued customers. A dedicated IP address is one that is used only by you or your company to send the emails from. Dedicated IPs are static and do not change and since the IP does not change, the history and reputation of the IP belongs to the customer using it.
Check out these tips to best optimize your brand new IP and keep it looking shiny and new.
Yep it was Friday the 13th when this post was written and nothing bad happened. This might be too late for Christmas but we still want to include these helpful reminders on how to optimize your email marketing campaigns.
The good news is you can use them all year long.
What? You did not know your emails can have friends as well? Time to let them out of the house and introduce them to social media if you have not already. By doing that, your already well-crafted content will get shared and blasted to corners of the Internet you did not know existed.
Everyone wants their gifts delivered by Christmas so make sure you know the last day you can send your packages. Keep customers informed about key deadlines for shipping by using email reminders. You can include incentives for free shipping, which is a really big deal this time of year. This post contained information about Black Friday and Cyber Monday but you can still take a look at all the key deadlines to get things shipped.
There you have it! All of the important information we posted about in November. It was a busy month for email marketers everywhere and the payoff will be seen as December moves forward.
2010 is only weeks away and that means planning the next year of email marketing campaigns. Not to worry, the SimplyCast team will be here with you the whole way to help out.
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