SimplyCast Now Offers Short Codes for Text Message Marketing

SimplyCast Now Offers Short Codes for Text Message Marketing

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Short Codes for Text Message Marketing

SimplyCast now has a shortcode for text message marketing campaigns! What is a shortcode? A short code is a short number that people can text a keyword to, in order to sign up for tips, enter a contest, donate money and so on. SimplyCast currently only provides shortcodes for Canada and the United States.

Shortcodes are an immediate, engaging way to connect with your customers. A shortcode is a perfect addition to your next text message campaign, to make it easy for customers to interact.

So, you're wondering, how could I use a shortcode for my business? Let's look at some examples.

To Collect Donations from Supporters

Running a nonprofit campaign and trying to get donations can be complicated and time-consuming. Allowing your supporters to text a short code in order to donate $5 or $10 makes the process of donating quick and simple.

To Gain Contest Participants

If you run a contest to win a product or service, customers can press a few buttons and be entered to win. Shortcodes are a great way to get new people involved in the contests you run.

To Gather Votes

Ever see those TV shows where you text a shortcode in order to vote on an issue, keep a contestant on the show, or vote on which segment they would like to see next? Engage your customers by asking them a question and having them vote their answer in by texting a certain letter or word to your shortcode. You can do this as part of a fun contest or just to create a poll and see what your customers want.

To Collect Signups

Customers can text their information to your shortcode in order to sign up to receive tips, coupons, and so on. Once they become your subscribers, you can connect with them through text message campaigns.

To Offer Coupons

Allow customers to text a phrase to your shortcode in order to receive a special discount, promotion or coupon. Text message coupons are much more likely to be redeemed than regular coupons, helping to drive business back to you.

Want to get your own shortcode? Contact our awesome customer care team by email or give them a call at 866-323-6572, ext. 2.

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