SimplyCast Sonar: Making The Most Of Your Auto Advertising

SimplyCast Sonar: Making The Most Of Your Auto Advertising

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Auto advertising is moving in the right direction. Digital engagement with potential customers is becoming more and more prevalent. The biggest issue in digital marketing that has been heard from a number of industries is that they lost money. This shouldn't be the case, particularly not as often as it is. So if a company is losing money on digital advertising and they know that shouldn't be the case, how do they fix that? This is why we developed SimplyCast Sonar. Sonar is advanced tracking software that interacts with our software in order to allow you to populate comprehensive customer profiles in the Contact Manager. Those profiles contain the information you're given at sign up, and more.

Sonar tracks the activity of anonymous visitors and stores it in anonymous customer profiles until such time as a customer signs up for a consultation, an appointment, or even for free inbound marketing material. This allows you to not only view the customer's contact information, but what they're most interested in and where on your site they've spent time. That sort of knowledge is invaluable to your sales team. By using Sonar alongside the rest of our SimplyCast 360 marketing automation platform you open the door to be able to advertise and market direct to customers via email, SMS, and more. This is done because your advertising is always collecting data for you and allowing you to adapt to how your customers' opinions change while saving you time and money.

Here's an example. You have a functioning social media page with lots of traffic, some paid ads, and even a well designed landing page that's getting a ton of hits. Maybe you even have some video ads. You want to know which campaign is the most successful so that you can try to emulate that success again. Sonar has been collecting that information however, and you're able to then look at your customers and find out. When you do, you learn that your customers are varied and have different interests. Your sedan campaign seems to be doing best, so you start sending direct marketing to that segment and are met with huge success. On top of that, by offering free guides and tips online, you've gathered a number of hot leads for your salespeople to contact. When they do, they are able to close almost all of their sales thanks to the information you collected and the quick rapport they built around that.

SimplyCast Sonar is a powerful addition to any marketing repertiore, and your advertising online can be tracked by pixel or link. The campaigns you build after that will steadily grow better and better as you use the data gathered by Sonar to improve and adjust. Of course, Sonar works best with our ultimate marketing toolbox, SimplyCast 360. In order to learn more about Sonar and 360, check out our marketing automation page and learn more about our pricing and features. To see more of our automotive content for dealers, mechanics and more, have a peek under the hood on our automotive page.

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