The SimplyCast Story, Part 1: How SimplyCast Got its Name

The SimplyCast Story, Part 1: How SimplyCast Got its Name

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The SimplyCast Story

Naming a new company is always challenging. SimplyCast was no exception. When our fledgling company was just getting started, we needed a crack name that would sum up our vision for the company and the ability to create a simple yet powerful customer flow communication process.

There were many candidates, including EmailOS and others. But they all seemed to fall short, and didn't encompass all our channels.

We didn't want to limit ourselves to just email, since the team knew our goal was to provide an all-in-one solution that would allow businesses and organizations to communicate with their customers in many different ways. We wanted to offer all the tools you would need to run a successful communication campaign in a single solution.

Also, it was essential to let people know that this all-in-one solution focuses on ease of use. There are no programming skills needed and you can create email newsletters, text messages, signup forms, social media posts and more in minutes even if you've never used our solution before. So how would we communicate that easy idea in a simple, fitting company name?

Then one morning our CEO woke up and he knew he had it: SimplyCast. Customers would understand that the solution was simple to use, and the second half of the name refers to the fact that you can broadcast your messages using our automated all-in-one solution. The name was short and simple, and it was perfectly suited to the company.

The team agreed, and the next step was to register the domain so we could start promoting the company to our customers. As fate would have it, the domain name had been deregistered just days before, and we snatched it up to start fresh.

SimplyCast has come a long way since the day it first got its name, and what was once our eventual goal is now a reality: an easy to use all-in-one marketing automation solution that allows anyone with an internet connection to broadcast messages over multiple channels and engage with their customers on a personalized level.

Sign up for a free SimplyCast account today to check out the power of automated customer flow communication.

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