The SimplyCast Story 13: Hiring Coop Students

The SimplyCast Story 13: Hiring Coop Students

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The SimplyCast Story

You can't build a great company without a great team. Many companies believe that the best way to gather a winning team is to hire people with a lot of experience. Yet if you focus on finding experienced staff members, you often miss out on people who have passion and new ideas.

From the very beginning, SimplyCast has always hired many coop students and young people. These staff members may not bring years of experience to the table, but their ingenuity and dedication are undeniable.

Seeking a passionate team, however, was only part of the motivation. We also wanted to prove that new graduates and other young workers are able to create a world class company. Too often, workers with little or no experience are overlooked and can't find good job opportunities.

When our CEO was young and seeking meaningful employment, he was frustrated because everywhere he went potential employers focused on his lack of experience. He swore that when he had his own company he would open it up to the next generation of talented workers.

True to that goal, SimplyCast has now trained over 100 workers who did not arrive with traditional experience. Out of all the coop students who have been hired here through the years, many have worked their way up and are now an integral part of our management team.

We believe it is essential to give back to the community that has given us so much. Each time we train a new worker or coop student we are investing in the future. Drawing on new talent in the community helps create a sustainable work force and a strong corporate system. Many of the workers we have trained have stayed in the Nova Scotia business community and found consistent work.

We hope SimplyCast will serve as a role model for other companies who are looking beyond the usual "mandatory two years of experience" model. It is possible to train new workers and to build expertise. Don't pass on great applicants just because they are young and haven't had the chance to prove themselves! They will reward your faith with their ideas and passion.

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