The SimplyCast Story 15: Supporting Nonprofits

The SimplyCast Story 15: Supporting Nonprofits

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The SimplyCast Story

Nonprofit organizations are just as essential to our community as the biggest most profitable businesses that employ thousands of local workers and contribute to a sustainable economy. Nonprofits provide support and guidance to individuals, groups and causes that otherwise might not have the resources they need to get ahead.

Nonprofits include educational groups, religious organizations, children's aid charities, arts organizations, healthcare groups and many more. Nonprofit organizations are often working with limited staff resources, small budgets and strict time constraints. It is a challenge for nonprofits to communicate efficiently in order to organize events, gain financial support from donors, keep contacts in the loop, recruit volunteers and so on.

SimplyCast is dedicated to helping nonprofits achieve these ongoing goals. We believe that all organizations and businesses large and small should have access to powerful communication tools. We offer free plans and special nonprofit pricing. This enables organizations to build and maintain connections with supporters and well as save valuable time and funds.

SimplyCast focuses on being a committed corporate citizen. Our team believes in contributing to the local community and the global village. SimplyCast has always been a strong supporter of nonprofit organizations and causes. Our company has supported many local nonprofits over the years and continues to do so. As a for-profit company, we need to ensure that nonprofits exist and continue to provide support to their communities.

We have many nonprofit clients who use our platform effectively to communicate with their supporters and staff. If you are a nonprofit organization and you're seeking a great affordable communication and marketing platform, sign up for a free account and try our easy to use tools.

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