The SimplyCast Story 29: Non-Traditional Sponsorship

The SimplyCast Story 29: Non-Traditional Sponsorship

The SimplyCast Story

You may remember from a few weeks ago that we discussed supporting community growth outside of your core competency. In that particular part of the SimplyCast Story, we focused on the RobotsEAST and Hack-a-Week Competition. These two events, while outside of our core competency, were important to SimplyCast because we were able to support community growth through supporting the next generation.

There are other types of community service SimplyCast has been a part of and one of those has been non-traditional sponsorship.

Back in 2013, SimplyCast partnered with the Halifax Rainmen to help them improve their engagement with their fans. From there, SimplyCast and the Rainmen teamed up to create Tech Club.

Tech Club was a collaborative effort between SimplyCast and the Rainmen to give back to the community by allowing local tech companies to gain promotion and recognition. Companies applied to have their name, logo, and information featured during a Rainmen game while also getting the same exposure on the Rainmen's social media accounts.

What seems like a non-traditional partnership and a non-traditional idea worked wonders to promote local businesses and highlight companies that were thriving in the local area. SimplyCast and the Rainmen shared a core value: supporting the community.

Even though the two businesses were quite different, there was a lot of common ground and understanding that helped get Tech Club off the ground and get local businesses attention from people who might not have heard of them otherwise.

Participating in non-traditional sponsorships can widen your businesses horizons and exposure exponentially while supporting your community.

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