The SimplyCast Story, Part 30: Being Recognized

The SimplyCast Story, Part 30: Being Recognized

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The SimplyCast Story

The first time SimplyCast was shortlisted for an award was in 2013. Before that, SimplyCast had been recognized on several top 10, 20, and 100 lists before, but the first shortlist came from a local award.

The GO Awards by FUSION Halifax aimed to recognize organizations who made positive impacts in the community. In 2013, we were nominated for the Company of the Year Award, which specifically celebrated companies that actively supported the development of young professionals. As a company that hires and supports young professionals and strongly believes in the idea of "no experience, just passion," we were flattered to be shortlisted for the award that year. Although we didn't win, being shortlisted was in and of itself acknowledgment enough.

Here's the thing about awards: you don't need to win to be recognized. Being on a shortlist with other great nominees is a great honor, which we here at SimplyCast do not take for granted. First off, you're being put in the spotlight with other companies, thus having yourself put on par with them. This helps grow awareness of your company to an audience that otherwise may not have been aware of your company and services.

When it comes to awards, there are two things to keep in mind. Firstly, as mentioned, being on a shortlist is a good thing even if you don't win. More importantly, however, pertains to the application process.

You cannot be too focused on applying for every award. Sure, being recognized is nice but it is more important to focus on doing good business and perfecting what it is you do. By working hard with your head down, the recognitions will come because people will notice the great work and determination you have.

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