The SimplyCast Story 31: Multi-Industry Approach

The SimplyCast Story 31: Multi-Industry Approach

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The SimplyCast Story

Marketing strategy is everything for a new company. Since you're new to the market, you need to make yourself seen among all the more established options. This becomes a real problem, especially if you're targeting one very specific industry.

When you focus on just one industry, you're really putting all your eggs in one basket. So, if you don't succeed in that one particular industry, all the effort and resources you've dedicated to it will be for naught.

Of course, the singular industry approach is sometimes required for products and services that are specific to that industry, but if your product can be used by multiple industries, why not make that known?

SimplyCast has taken a multi-industry approach to marketing its marketing automation platform. As a highly adaptable platform, SimplyCast can be used by companies in various different industries. This is due, in part, to our marketing initiatives that showed potential clients how the platform could be used in their industry.

Back in 2013, SimplyCast began to see the successes of this marketing strategy when we signed a nurses' college and an automotive dealership. The two industries, education and automotive, are very different, but because SimplyCast was able to show its versatility, both clients were able to utilize the platform in ways best suited for them.

Taking a multi-industry approach allows you to open up to markets you may not have known existed otherwise. It also works the other way: showing industries solutions they can use that they didn't know were available. A multi-industry approach benefits both you, your clients, and potential clients.

If you'd like to see if marketing automation can help you in your industry, sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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