The SimplyCast Story, Part 8: Our First Ever Release

The SimplyCast Story, Part 8: Our First Ever Release

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The SimplyCast Story

Launching a product or service is one of the most difficult things a company has to do, and for a start-up company with little experience it can be almost impossible. SimplyCast's very first launch was a major one. The first version of the platform was launched all the way back in 2009, when we were just a little marketing company with big dreams.

The launch was exhausting. The team spent literally thousands of hours preparing yet still faced many issues that threatened to disrupt the launch. Each issue had to be dealt with efficiently, which meant lots of sleepless night for our development team.

Fortunately, here at SimplyCast, one of our mottos is to "Celebrate Failure and Reward Success." Although our first launch faced many errors, we viewed it as a very valuable learning experience. Making mistakes is a key aspect of being successful.

Many people said it was impossible to launch the new platform because the SimplyCast team was too small and too inexperienced. The team, however, rose above expectations and worked together to get the launch out on time and in order. Marketing, support, development, UI and the rest of the team had to collaborate to make the launch successful, while at the same time cataloging each aspect of the experience for future reference.

The release marked SimplyCast's first offering as a platform, yet at first we kept it a secret that it was designed to be a platform and not just a standard multi-channel service. The team knew that the future would be bright, but at the time we had not yet built our Customer Flow Communication platform that would include many different channels of communication.

Thank you to everyone who helped SimplyCast grow from a small email marketing company to a multi-channel marketing automation platform with customers all over the world.

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