SimplyCast Story 12: Integrating with Multiple CRMs

SimplyCast Story 12: Integrating with Multiple CRMs

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The SimplyCast Story

Part of our business strategy here at SimplyCast is to make our services available to as many unique customers as possible. We offer a free plan and some of the least expensive prices in the industry for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Our platform is fully scalable so it can be used by enterprise businesses and growing organizations. Our platform is adaptable for any industry and it includes over 15 communication and marketing tools. We have something for everyone!

This strategy not only widens our reach; it also gives us a diverse customer base with businesses of all sizes in many different industries across the world. This diversity enables us to gain a lot of valuable feedback and optimize our solution based on the needs of our customers.

Staying true to that strategy, we knew we had to provide ease of use for customers no matter where they store their important data. We began by integrating with some of the most popular CRM solutions like Salesforce and SugarCRM. We created partnerships with successful, best in class companies that provided excellent service and features.

Yet there are so many different CRMs we eventually had to create our own customizable plugin manager. This allows customers with unique CRMs to easily integrate and use their data seamlessly. We built a powerful and simple system to allow data to flow back and forth. This functionality enhances our customer experience by focusing on ease of use.

If you don't have a CRM already, use our powerful Contact Manager for free! The Contact Manager allows you to create customizable sales pipelines, manage contacts automatically, nurture new leads who have just entered your pipeline, move leads, contact leads manually and automatically, have information automatically updated and scored and much more.

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