The SimplyCast Story Part 2: We Did it Our Way

The SimplyCast Story Part 2: We Did it Our Way

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The SimplyCast Story

In last week's post (Part 1), we revealed how SimplyCast got its name. But how did the all-in-one platform of marketing tools actually get made? Read on.

SimplyCast started out small. Really small. Our very first office was just 150 square feet. It was tight, but the team was just excited to have an office space of our very own. All the basics were there: desks, chairs, computers, phones, the usual suspects.

And so, with our limited resources, our developers began writing code like crazy. The beginning goal of SimplyCast was to own every single line of our code so that we could keep costs down for our customers. The point was to create a customer flow communication solution that would be affordable for small businesses and powerful enough for large businesses.

Our programmers started out mostly using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. There was a lot to learn and a lot to do, yet our team was (and still is!) passionate, energetic and dedicated. SimplyCast was focused on creating a platform of tools that was simple for customers to use, yet powerful so customers would be able to communicate effectively. It also needed to be scalable.

SimplyCast has achieved the goal of creating all our own code and having complete control over our products. Although we started small, we have now created the best customer flow communication platform on the planet. We have all the marketing and communication tools you need in one powerful yet easy to use solution.

Sign up for a free SimplyCast account today to check out the power of marketing automation.

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