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SimplyCast Television is Here!

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SimplyCast Television

When you have questions or need to see a product in action, what's better than a helpful and informative video? We know, however, that trying to find the relevant video content you want can be difficult and discouraging. But that isn't the case any longer! SimplyCast is proud to present SimplyCast Television (SCTV), an advanced service that enables you to view every video we have in one easy to find location!

SCTV is our personal video portal, where you'll be able to look up tutorials, view promotions, check out new products and more. Instead of posting things to other video hosting pages, we wanted to give you a single page to view everything conveniently.

SCTV is free to use, and in fact it doesn't even require a SimplyCast login. This means that anyone, existing customer or just someone who's looking for more information, can hop on and view our awesome video content. We want to be sure that access to information is fast, easy, and stored in one place. SCTV allows you to learn about our products and how they work for you. It also gives you a sneak peek into what we're up to in the immediate future. It's a great place to check out some of our cool company videos and interviews.

If you want to be able to share things like you can on other video hosting sites, look no further! Providing the option to share videos quickly and easily was a big factor when we created SCTV. That's right, we're offering you a free resource that will help you learn how to use our software. And you can share directly with your friends.

If the video you pull up doesn't quite answer your question, or you just want to learn more, check out the sidebar. Like Youtube suggests related videos in the sidebar, we offer direct links to related blog content, whitepapers or other free downloadable resources.

We hope that SimplyCast Television will become a staple for our customers, giving them a place to go that will provide quick, easy, highly relevant information. Bookmarking that page is a good idea, because you never know what we'll be putting up next and you don't want to miss out on any of our promotional deals and other fun stuff! In order to reach SCTV, just click here and you're good to go! If you need any help or want to provide your feedback, contact our friendly support team.

SCTV will be where all of our videos are posted from now on, so if you're subscribed to our Youtube or Vimeo, you'll want to bookmark the SCTV page!

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