SimplyCast: The Better SoftVu Alternative

SimplyCast: The Better SoftVu Alternative

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Better SoftVu Alternative

SimplyCast offers email marketing that helps you get your message out without burning more resources than you have to. SoftVu offers a similar service, yet SimplyCast goes the extra mile. Eventually emails cease to connect with people, or more success can be found through other channels. Businesses need to be able to rapidly adapt to avoid losing clients. SimplyCast offers a flexible, adaptable marketing automation platform that outshines our competition in SimplyCast 360. Unlike the SoftVu platform, 360 focuses on multi-channel communications in addition to fulfilling many of the same tasks.

We offer the use of all our channels to contact your clients and you can use our form builder and other tools to narrow those contact lists further. This allows you to target messages based on collected customer info. You can automate a wide array of scenarios as they become routine and save time, allowing you to enhance the customer experience. SimplyCast wants to be the best and give you the best service. We have over 15 channels and more in development. We love to hear suggestions from people in a wide variety of industries. If we're missing a specific feature, let us know. In addition, we serve clients in more than 175 countries and our app is available in 11 languages.

One feature that makes SimplyCast better than our competitors, disregarding our wide breadth of contact channels, is our billing. We give you access to the email campaign item right away in our free trial, as well as to our form builder and survey items. We do this so that you can begin to learn the software without fees and with our support team already behind you. You even have the ability to see tracking data and integrate your contacts from 3rd party CRMs. This means you can start a campaign and learn our product without paying a cent.

When you pay for it, SimplyCast continues to deliver an outstanding and superior product. You gain progressively more access to channels as you upgrade your package, always at an affordable rate compared to the rest of the industry. You also increase the features available for the ones you were using prior. All our prices are tailored to compete with companies like SoftVu and we offer over 15 fully functional channels for the price that many one-channel solutions offer. We even offer a price-match guarantee on individual channels. Plus, instead of spending money on multiple companies to connect with your clients in more than one way, everything is on one bill at the end of the month. Even if you're not sure and want to compare, sign up for our free trial where you have access to email, survey, form builder and the capability to send to up to 1000 contacts. While SoftVu does not have a listed price, our products can be built into a custom package, or purchased in pre-built packages starting at just $49 a month.

In addition, SimplyCast offers integration with all CRMs, meaning that we can seamlessly join with your already established lead databases, as well as using our own. In fact, you can import lists saved from other CRMs into ours if you wish to switch as well. SimplyCast also offers a managed service, designing and detailing your campaign or landing page for you.

SimplyCast bills you by contact, rather than email. Most email marketing businesses charge you per email above a predetermined limit of emails sent per month. SimplyCast wants to keep the channels of communication open, and knows that the amount of messages you send per month varies. Because of that, our prices are based on the number of contacts you need to get your message out to, making SimplyCast the leader in marketing automation with a wide array of options and possibilities. Have a look at those prices on our marketing automation page, and check out our feature lists while you're at it.

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