SimplyCast Now Provides Twitter Support For Quick Answers

SimplyCast Now Provides Twitter Support For Quick Answers

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Twitter Support For Quick Answers

Do you have a question about SimplyCast or your client account? Is it one of those questions that can be answered pretty quick but you don't want to risk waiting for our team to answer the phone?

Now on top of phone, email and live chat, we are providing another form of support to assist all of you. Twitter support.

Follow our support team on Twitter where you can:

  • Ask your questions.
  • Learn about current issues causing frustration.
  • Upcoming scheduled downtime.
  • Access to helpful tips to point you in the right direction.

Basically, if it is a question that can be answered quickly, Twitter support is your best choice. If the question requires more investigation, we will alert you of that and contact you when we have an answer.

The goal is to give you support when and where you need it and reduce any frustration or roadblock you may run into.

Follow us @simplycasthelp today. You can also contact us @simplycast as well and we will get back to you as well.

We looked forward to engaging with you on Twitter.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on what you want our support team to share on Twitter, please let us know that as well.

It is also important to note, if you have a SimplyCast client account, you can contact us through the message center where we post updates, feature releases, and any scheduled downtime. But, we agree, Twitter seems a lot more trendy.

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