Survey Says: SimplyCast's Survey Marketing Service a Hit

Survey Says: SimplyCast's Survey Marketing Service a Hit

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Want to find out what your subscribers are thinking or what they want from your business?

Why not ask them?

Seems so simple and now SimplyCast is making it even easier. On Monday we let the world know about the launch of our Survey Marketing Service and now we want to tell you a little more about it. We invite you to sign up and try the Survey Marketing service for free right now.

By far the best feature of the service is the simplicity of adding questions and answers. You can have a complete survey ready to send in minutes. There are several question styles set up. They are Short Answer questions that have two possible choices,

Select One questions that a person chooses one answer from a list of choices and finally Select Multiple, where a person chooses more than one answer.

Through the Free-4-Life program, you can easily send a survey of up to 300 respondents for free. Check out more information on sending surveys.

Try it out and let us know what you think. The SimplyCast team is working hard for you and this is only the start of many exciting product updates to come.

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