SMS Marketing for Museums

SMS Marketing for Museums

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SMS Marketing for Museums

SMS messaging is becoming a popular way for businesses and organizations to connect with clients. How can your museum use this communication channel to connect with patrons?

SMS is great because it's instant and direct communication. In fact, most SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes of being received. Take advantage of this by promoting shortcodes on your artifacts and art pieces.

By providing a shortcode on certain pieces, patrons can text the shortcode to you in order to get more details about the piece they are looking at. This allows you to increase engagement and gather new contact information from your visitors.

For example, if a patron is interested in a particular dinosaur skeleton you can use the SMS message to provide them with details about the era that dinosaur lived in, where it was found, or a link to a web page. Engaging your patrons on such a personal level not only boosts engagement, it also builds brand loyalty.

You can also use SMS messages to remind patrons of upcoming exhibits, special promotions, and more!

The best part is that with marketing automation you can set up these messages to send automatically.

That's right; you can boost engagement with your visitors automatically. This saves you time and resources while still providing a more engaging visit to your patrons.

Try it for yourself!

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of marketing automation and see how SMS messages can improve engagement with your patrons.

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