Setting Up a Snowplow Operator Recall System in 4 Steps

Setting Up a Snowplow Operator Recall System in 4 Steps

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Setting Up a Snowplow Operator Recall System in 4 Easy Steps

People waking up in the morning to find the whole world turned has white overnight from a heavy snowfall is not an uncommon scenario; especially in North America. There are places where people often need to move mini snow-mountains just to be able to cross the street and there are places where people spend hours shoveling their garage entrances.

What is not common is having piles of snow blocking roads, sidewalks, and in worst cases, highways. Does this sort of thing happen often? In regular scenarios, no, however in emergency scenarios, definitely! When there is an unexpected, huge snowfall, the whole traffic system can collapse in many cities. Even this past winter, my family missed an emergency medical appointment after sitting on a public bus for two and a half hours because the road ahead was blocked due to snow. Imagine, people going out with urgent needs only to find blocked routes all over the city. Citizens can suffer a lot when the roads are not cleared in time. But what causes these delays?

There can be many reasons, obviously. But one of the most common reasons for having uncleared roads during a snowstorm is not having ample snowplow drivers ready to go.

Usually, cities and municipalities have enough resources and human power to deal with regular winter maintenance operations. However, when all snow-hell breaks loose, it is impossible to keep up with the heavier than normal snow removal requirements using only regular resources. Authorities need to call for additional snowplow drivers to help them deal with emergencies like this. However, when they do this via a manual snowplow driver recall process, a lot of time is wasted. And by the time enough drivers join to help, the situation has already worsened.

The problem here is not about having enough snowplow operators. The problem is not being able to recall additional snowplow drivers as fast as possible. Therefore, when time is a vital factor in dealing with snow removal or other winter maintenance operations, using an automated snowplow driver recall system is the best way possible for authorities to increase efficiency.

What is an Automated Snowplow Operator Recall System?

Generally speaking, an automated snowplow operator recall system helps with automatically sending recall messages to many snowplow operators at once and allows them to respond immediately. When the required number of additional staff have replied to the recall, the recall system will close automatically.

Confused? Let’s explain this by comparing the automated system with the manual snowplow operator recall system.

Say you need 10 additional snowplow operators as soon as possible because there is going to be a 50cm snowfall instead of the forecasted 10cm snowfall. In the manual process, administrators would call operators one by one to see who can report to work and who cannot. They might end up calling 30 operators to find 10 operators who agreed to take part in the emergency staff call-out. The number of necessary calls may increase depending on the size of the municipality or city.

Now, with an automated system, the call-out tasks are now automatically done. With an automated snowplow driver recall system, you can send a personalized recall message to all your operators at once instead of calling them one by one. You can send messages by automated voice calls and/or via SMS. Whoever receives the message can simply either press a button (in case of a voice call) or reply (in case of SMS) to respond. Once 10 operators respond positively, the recall system will be closed automatically and rest of the snowplow operators will be notified that you already gathered enough additional team members for the emergency.

How to Set Up an Automated Snowplow Driver Recall System

You can easily set up your automated snowplow operator recall system in four easy steps. Here, we have elaborated those steps for you:

Step 1: Having an accurate operator database

Before you begin, you need to have all your drivers’ contact information and other details updated in a registry – including names, designations, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. It is important to accurately create this database because if contact details are incorrectly recorded, operators might not receive notifications.

Step 2: Creating a snowplow request message template

Once the database is created, you can easily create a detailed snowplow request message. This message may include the time when the operator is required to report to work, the location of the base, snowplow routes, etc. In the message, you can include options for drivers to respond immediately if they agree to respond. Creating a message template in advance can save a lot of time.

Step 3: Send snowplow operator request messages

Once your message template is ready, your campaign is more or less ready to go. When there is a snowfall emergency and you need to begin clearing roads immediately, you can simply click a button and every single snowplow driver in your database will receive emergency recall messages with options to respond. You can also set recurring message sending criteria until you get enough operators.

Step 4: Get real-time reports

When operators start responding, you can see how many people respond in real time in a live-updating report. When the recall is finished, you can download detailed reports that include information such as the time required to send all recall messages, the average time for drivers to respond, etc. Using these insights, you can build better snowplow driver recall campaigns.

That’s it! Not that difficult, eh?

Where can I find this solution?

Although an automated snowplow operator recall system sounds quite interesting, setting up a system from scratch can be overwhelming if you are doing it all by yourself. There are quite a few challenges in the process, such as formulating a strategy, finding the digital tools that fit your strategy, and most importantly, streamlining all these digital tools to work seamlessly together.

However, you can skip all the steps and get an automated snowplow driver recall system instantly with SimplyCast’s automated solution!

SimplyCast has developed an automated snowplow driver recall system that is 100% ready to go. We have used our own marketing automation platform, CRM software, and Recall tool to build this solution. Our team built this solution entirely in-house so it is fully customizable. This means we can configure the snowplow operator recall solution to best meet your organization’s needs.

Our system is hyper-reliable with a minimum of 99.5% runtime. We also have unlimited contact storage capacity with the ability to send 100,000 messages/hour. With us, you do not need to worry about capacity.

Moreover, alongside snowplow driver recalling, you can also use our platform for other use cases.

Sounds interesting? Don’t wait.

Book your one-on-one demo session with our experts today by clicking the button below!

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