Travel Industry Social Media Tips Proven to Show Results

Travel Industry Social Media Tips Proven to Show Results

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Travel Industry Social Media Tips

Many travel businesses use social media to try to attract travelers. The staff members who run the travel industry social media accounts often get frustrated because it takes up a lot of time in their day and they don't really know if it's making a difference.

An automated marketing solution will help you resolve both those complaints. Automating your social media posting takes a lot of the work and hassle out of social media management. For each post, the web marketing software provides you with detailed information on who interacted with the post, which posts were the most popular, how many people shared the post and so on. This information takes the guesswork out of posting and helps you optimize your social media marketing.

In order to truly reach travelers on social media, it is important to understand why they are using social media. Here are a few of the main reasons people turn to Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media sites before they set out on their journey. Keep these in mind when doing your travel industry social media.

To Get Travel Recommendations

Travelers turn to social media for inspiration: where to travel to, where to stay, where to eat. If you're going to a new destination and you want to know all the best spots to visit, you can turn to social media for advice. Marketing through travel industry social media should focus on recommendations from real customers.

Ask your loyal guests for recommendations when they stay at your hotel or eat at your restaurant. Provide a comment card and tell your guests that their comments may be used for promotional purposes. Use quotations from your customers on your social media pages. When travelers visit your pages, the first thing they will see is positive reviews from real customers. These reviews build your credibility and create a rapport with potential travelers.

To Find Great Seasonal Travel Deals, Coupons and Contests

Social media is one of the best places to find promotions, and travelers know this. They visit the social media pages of hotels and restaurants to take advantage of daily and seasonal deals. Contests attract new visitors and boost interaction on your social media pages.

Create promotions that draw in travelers in order to be effective while marketing through social media. Focus on seasonal events and holidays, collaborate with other local businesses to run joint promotions and keep travelers coming back with loyalty rewards. Advertise your promotions on social media in order to engage travelers. The more shares, likes, and retweets you gain, the more people you will reach.

To See What a Hotel or Restaurant's Marketing Brand is All About

To decide if you really want to stay somewhere, you need to know what the atmosphere is like and what products and services are offered. The social media page of a hospitality business will tell you a lot about what the business has to offer, who goes there, the cost and what it's like.

Social media is a chance to interact with your potential guests and form a personal connection. Create weekly posts showcasing your city's hot spots. Hold contests for a chance to win a free room or a free meal. Post pictures and videos of your customers enjoying your restaurant or hotel (with their prior permission, of course).

Automate Your Travel Industry Social Media Marketing

Social media takes time. Use an automated social media management solution so you don't end up spending your entire day posting and tweeting. Create a series of posts and schedule them to go out over time. Your automated solution will post messages at the time you have specified and will collect data that helps you create better timed, more effective posts based on audience response.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of our automated marketing solution. It includes social media, email, survey, text message and over ten other tools. Let our friendly customer service staff provide you with a free demo to show you all the possibilities of automation. Travel industry marketing on social media has never been this easy before.

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