Social Strategy 2: Link Between Burritos and Post Times

Social Strategy 2: Link Between Burritos and Post Times

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Social Strategy

Welcome back to our bi-weekly social media series. Last time, we covered Twitter's two key view metrics and how they both uniquely indicate how well your tweets and content are doing on the network.

Now that you understand the concept of impressions and engagements, it's time to think of some ways you can use this information to increase the effectiveness of your network. In order to find out what works the best for you on social media, experimentation is the name of the game; even if you find yourself with a winning formula, it can always be beneficial to try new things. You never know, you may stumble onto something that's more effective than what you're already enacted.

Believe it or not, relative location can play an important role in which members of your audience see your content. If your audience is mostly local, or within the same time zone, this isn't as much of a concern. But, if you have a worldwide audience, being able to effectively reach people becomes much more challenging – if you live in North America and are trying to connect with potential customers in Asia, for instance, you are on competing schedules; your day is their night, and vice-versa. If you post your updates anywhere in the span of a normal day for you, odds are that they will be unseen by your target audience.

The Burrito Principle

If your audience is in the same area, a good idea is to abide by the Burrito Principle, as coined by Darian Rodriguez Heyman. Basically, the best way to reach an audience on social media is to post during their downtime, when they are most likely to check their account. For example, when they're eating a burrito. The principle suggests that they best times to post to social media locally are as follows:

8:30 a.m., while your audience is commuting to work. They may be taking the bus or be stuck in traffic, leading them to want to idly kill time. What better way to do that than check social media?12:30 p.m., while your audience is eating lunch. Even if they haven't checked their Twitter feed so far that day, they invariably will now in order to catch up on anything they may have missed in the morning. Ensuring that your content is among the last things they see can lead them to better engage with it.5:30 p.m., while your audience is commuting home. The same principle applies as when they are commuting to work, but as the work day is now over, their priorities have shifted and they may be more willing to consider and embrace your content. Due to that change in priority, this is an excellent time to post lifestyle and/or corporate culture content; the workday's over, so it's time to have some fun.10:00 p.m., after the kids, if they happen to have any, are asleep. This is the single point in the day where your audience truly has personal time and it's widely considered the best time to post during the week. Posting at this time also has the understated benefit of being able to catch people in other countries at times similar to those above, to better extend your strategy.

Obviously, you don't want to post right at these times every day, as it may make your presence seem overly robotic, but within fifteen minutes of these times will ensure that you are able to reach the largest audience possible in your timezone.

Of course, with the power of social media scheduling, you can set your content to go up whenever you desire it to. With SimplyCast 360's built-in social media automation tools, you can schedule your content to go out whenever you desire, and the Twitter tool even has the ability to post around a specified time to make the tweet appear to be organic. Automation is especially useful when your target audience is in a different timezone, as your audience will see your content even when you're not around to post it. Click to start a 14-day trial and explore how SimplyCast 360 can help you step up your social media game.

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