Solve Issues with Landlord Property Management Software

Solve Issues with Landlord Property Management Software

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Landlord Property Management Software

Solving your property's biggest issues has never been easier thanks to landlord property management software.

In addition to the daily challenges landlords face with bad tenants, building repairs and safety concerns, they must also deal with everyday tenant communications. These may be small (rent reminders, repair descriptions, etc.) or more significant (noise complaint notices, eviction notices, etc.), but either way they take up a lot of time to manage.

Automated landlord property management software helps you save time and keep your important contact information organized. We talked to landlords and property managers to learn about some of the most common challenges they face. Here's what they had to say.

Collecting rent

Every landlord said that late or nonexistent rent payments was one of their most common complaints. Some people purposely don't pay rent on time, but often tenants simply forget about the due date.

Schedule automated reminders to go out at the end of every month. You can schedule reminders for the whole year so you don't even have to think about it. If you use landlord property management software that includes multiple communication channels, reminders will be sent out on whatever channel each tenant prefers.

The tenant in unit 11 is never home? He receives text message rent reminders directly on his mobile phone. The tenant in 38 doesn't have a computer? She receives voicemail reminders to her landline. Email and social media reminders are also great ways to reach your diverse group of tenants.

Daily communication

"We do our best to ensure that tenants know when repairs, fire drills, apartment showings and other building activities are going on. But a lot of our tenants still complain that they don't see these messages or they don't get enough advance notice. A lot of times when we go in to show a tenant's apartment to a new prospective renter, the tenant says they had no idea we were coming and the apartment is a mess."

With landlord property management software, tenants can't make the complaint that they never got your message. They have many different methods of communication available, and they can choose which one (or multiple ones) are most convenient for them.

You set up automated messages in advance and they are sent out on the exact date that you specify. No more chasing tenants around trying to get in touch with them. No more last minute messages. Simply schedule messages whenever you know that an event is approaching. Select the tenants that you want to inform and you're all set.

Keeping tenant information up to date

Tenants come and go, and you need to keep their contact information current. Especially if you manage multiple buildings, this task is often far more complicated than it should be. Automated landlord property management software helps you organize all the necessary tenant paperwork. It automatically updates information received from tenants.

Your software keeps track of which tenants have paid rent, when their lease is up, correspondence, pest control paperwork and much more. Each tenant has a personal profile which includes all their relevant information, quickly and easily accessible.

Automated landlord property management software is ideal if you have multiple buildings to manage. When you have hundreds or thousands of tenants, this software makes it easy and efficient to keep in consistent contact with your tenants.

Reaching out to new tenants

Many tenants who move in have questions about the building and policies, but answering these questions takes up more of your time. The landlords we talked to said that most new tenants have the same common questions. Using automated landlord property management software, create move-in information packages that are triggered and sent whenever a new tenant moves in.

The move-in package may easily be sent through email. The process is automated and efficient. It should address basic questions such as recycling and garbage policies, noise regulations, parking suggestions and other frequent issues and policies. By providing this package, you eliminate most tenants' questions and save yourself a lot of time. You also boost tenant satisfaction.

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