Spam Words and Phrases to Avoid in Email Marketing

Spam Words and Phrases to Avoid in Email Marketing

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Email filters are becoming smarter – so smart, in fact, that common words and phrases that marketers like to use, like "sale" or "order" are now pariahs. Protecting your IP address and online marketing reputation should be at the top of your list and avoiding the bad words is a must.

All of us, as consumers, demanded something to be done about these spam emails. Though no one will ever say that spam filters are over zealous, but it has put a damper on email marketing.

It's important to avoid these words at all costs because, otherwise, your email will get stuck in some spam universe, never to be seen again, or dumped into a recipient's junk mail folder. Both of these actions destroy metrics.

Some subscribers may feel a bit jilted because they were expecting to hear from you after they signed up and never did.

Also, its important to remember that use of these words may automatically mean your email is flagged as spam, but it does increase the chance of having it happen.

What are the top words to avoid?

Not included in this list are any words that have to do with prescriptions, bogus investment schemes and pornography.

• Free

• Win

• Promise

• Affordable

• Guarantee

• Shipping

• Today

• Here

• Available

• Reliable

• Special

• Now

• Order

• Opportunity

What are the top phrases?

• Extra

• Enter to win

• Serious cash

• Serious money

• Serious savings

• Call now

• Apply now

• Order now

• Act now

• Extra income

• Incredible deals

• Don't miss out!

• Want more income?

• Be your own boss

• Limited time offer

• Work from home

How can I make my emails spam-proof?

Pretty much the only thing that you can do to ensure that your emails make it all the way through to your subscribers' inboxes is to be creative. Dust off your thesaurus and figure out how to sale that you're having a "sale" without actually saying it.

Also, stay on top of what are the newly crowned "bad words" and ensure that they don't have a spot in your email marketing campaign.

Remember: spam filters scan every word in your email including the subject line, sender and, of course, content.

Want to make sure your online reputation is completely safe? On top of removing these words from your campaign vocabulary, you should use an IP monitoring tool.

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