Spend Less Time Marketing and More Time Selling: Here's How

Spend Less Time Marketing and More Time Selling: Here's How

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Spend Less Time Marketing

How much time do you spend each week on your marketing? Marketing is a full time task for any business. Most large businesses have an entire department devoted to marketing. Most small businesses have a small team or a few members who work on marketing campaigns full time. Is there a way to make this process more efficient without sacrificing sales?

Make the most of your budget and staff resources by adding marketing automation. Create fully automated personalized marketing campaigns for each customer. Without automated tools, this personal targeting is not possible because it is too time-consuming to be done manually. With automation, you are able to send messages that meet each customer's unique needs. Personalized messages build loyalty and increase both the number and amount of sales.

Keep Leads On Track with an Automated Sales Pipeline

Following up with every lead manually is almost impossible. Personally reaching out to a lead, however, may be the difference between making a sale and losing a potential customer. Knowing which leads are most likely to move toward making a purchase helps you learn who you should spend your time on.

With automated pipelines, your leads' behavior and actions are tracked from the first point of contact through to the first sale and beyond. Automated pipelines enable you to find the hottest qualified leads so you can focus on converting them to customers. They help you avoid leads who have not interacted with any of your content and are unlikely to make a purchase.

Personalize Marketing Campaigns to Make More Sales

Personally targeted marketing messages have higher open rates than mass messages. They have higher engagement and conversion rates. People who receive personalized messages will purchase more frequently and will spend more. These messages also lead to an increase in customer loyalty.

An automated marketing solution follows each lead from the very first time they hit your website or sign up for your emails. It stores their important dates interactions in a personal profile so you can learn what they are interested in. Use this information to create and send personally targeted messages, personalized promotions, birthday messages and more. Since the entire process is automated, you save time with every campaign you send out.

Manage Unsubscribes Automatically

If you're sending out marketing campaigns by email or text message, you will have people who opt out of these campaigns after a while. If you do not promptly remove these people from your sending list, you could face customer dissatisfaction and spam fines. Managing your unsubscribe list manually also takes up a lot of time. Why not have unsubscribes handled automatically?

An automated marketing solution also collects information about unsubscribes. This information helps you learn what caused people to unsubscribe. By analyzing your marketing reports, you will see when people opted out. Were they loyal subscribers for a year up until a day after the last campaign you sent? Something about that campaign probably turned them off. After each campaign, you will see how many people unsubscribed and when there was a spike. This helps you optimize future campaigns.

Spend Less Time Finding an Ideal Marketing Solution

The best way to find the perfect marketing for your business is to test out the solution for yourself. Sign up for a free 14 day trial of SimplyCast's automated marketing solution. Our friendly customer care team is happy to give you a free demo. Our solution enables you to provide personalized marketing campaigns to each customer, saves you time and increases your sales.

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