Spring Email Templates Are Here!

Spring Email Templates Are Here!

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Spring Email Templates

Spring is just around the corner and, to celebrate, SimplyCast has published new email templates!

There is now a plethora of spring and Easter themed email templates for you to use for all your email communications. From bunnies, flowers, Easter eggs, and colorful banners, there's sure to be a template that's just right for your emails. In fact, the featured image for this blog post came from one of the spring templates!

Using an organized template for your email communications makes it easier for your recipients to read and enjoy your content since they are able to scan the email quickly and find the information they are most interested in. By using an organized template that is also related to the time of the year, you show your clients a fun and festive side of your organization while still giving them the information they need.

The spring and Easter templates work just like all the other free templates SimplyCast offers. When you're selecting a template, click the "Seasonal" option and you will be presented with all the new spring and Easter options. Then, in the Simple Editor, you can adjust all the drag-and-drop elements as usual.

Check out all the new templates and let us know what you think in the comments below!

If you currently aren't using SimplyCast but want to try out the new templates, sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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