Stay Engaged with your Alumni

Stay Engaged with your Alumni

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Stay Engaged with your Alumni

Donations to post-secondary institutions have been steadily decreasing. In 2007 educational donations made up 14.1 percent of all charitable donations in the United States with 43.32 billion dollars. In 2010 this percentage decreased to 13 percent and 40.01 billion dollars.

The percentage difference may seem insignificant but it accounts for a three billion dollar difference over the course of three years.

Alumni are a target audience for post-secondary institutions when it comes to donations and fundraising. However, you cannot expect this audience to donate to your school if you are not staying in touch with them except to ask for donations.

There is research pointing to engaged students becoming engaged alumni. This is a huge predictor of alumni donations.  So, ideally, you've been engaging your current students and they will turn into engaged alumni.

But, how can you engage students as they graduate and how can you engage current alumni?

The biggest part of keeping alumni engaged is keeping in touch with them. Send updates on what's going on in the school. Your alumni went to your school for a reason. Remind them of that reason through regular newsletters and communications.

Were they on a particular sports team or society? Send them information specific to their experience at your school and you will see an increase in engagement.

Of course, engaging with your alumni cannot guarantee they will donate to the school but it is still worthwhile to stay in touch with alumni so you can stay informed of their activities and how well they represent your school.

But, is there an easier way to engage alumni without pouring more and more resources into communications?

SimplyCast 360 is the perfect all-in-one automation solution for alumni relations. Our platform allows you to automatically send personalized messages over 15 channels of communication. This way, you can keep in touch with your alumni more effectively without adding more workload to your alumni services department.

If you're interested in seeing how this platform can work for you, sign up for a free 14-day trial!

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