Streamline Operations & Foster Brand Loyalty With Automation

Streamline Operations & Foster Brand Loyalty With Automation

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Foster Brand Loyalty With Automation

You have an amazing product, a great list of resellers, and you even have the ability to expand your operation if you so choose. This is the case for many companies in the consumer package goods, or CPG, industry. Whether your base of operations is a large factory or the basement of your house, you want to focus on maintaining the quality of your product above all else so you can delight customers and encourage repeat business. In order to do so, you need to make sure that your operation runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible in order to meet any quotas or orders you may have received. Would you be willing to believe that marketing automation software has the ability to increase efficiency in communications for your product team, and is even infinitely scalable?

While "marketing automation" is the technical term for the software, it has potentially limitless applications outside that field.  For example, when a reseller goes to place an order, they can fill out a form with their contact information and the quantity that they're looking for. This information can then move through an automated workflow in a number of different ways; perhaps a confirmation email is sent to the reseller, a task is created for a designated employee, and the administrative team are all contacted about the new order through the communication method they prefer. Something with this many constituent parts may seem like it requires many different programs that need regular maintenance to work in harmony, but it is a fairly basic example of the power, flexibility, and myriad use that automation software is capable of.

Automation is also perfect for offering targeted messages for your customers. By collecting data on what they are interested on in a simple survey, you can send them content and offers that they are interested in, thus helping to foster brand awareness and loyalty. The rules of traditional advertising dictate that you have a sizable budget and team in place to manage customer relations through the use of television, radio, billboards, and other outbound marketing principles. Rather than focusing on receptive parties and those who filter out your message equally, automation can ensure that the people that are most receptive to your product become interested and enthused about your product.

Much as the rise of complex machines to automate the manufacturing process proper in large factories was a key part of the Industrial Revolution, one that severely reduced the effort required of employees, automation software is the next evolutionary step towards the future of communications. Conceptually, it may seem daunting, but it is a paradigm shift in the way that businesses and organizations reach out and interact with others in their fields and their customers.

The perfect solution to increase efficiency in your operation is just a click away. SimplyCast offers a robust platform, SimplyCast 360, which contains over 15 automated channels that work interchangeably to provide whatever type of functionality you may require. See how you can create a stronger and more convenient company effortlessly by signing up for a free 14-day trial today!

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