Stronger Alternatives to Totango: Do More!

Stronger Alternatives to Totango: Do More!

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Alternatives to Totango

When you start working with a contact manager, the point is to keep a close eye on your customer base and find new ways to enhance customer experience, interact with them and engage. You need strong analytics, and this is where companies like SimplyCast and Totango come in. SimplyCast is a strong alternative to Totango with the power to cover areas that you would otherwise need additional companies and costs for.

SimplyCast, much like Totango, offers tracking, analysis and email interaction. The difference, however, is that SimplyCast offers SMS, fax, voice and more as a means of communicating with your clients over the channel that best fits their needs. We give you the same tools, we just focus on how to improve your business overall, using marketing and nurturing, whereas Totango focuses only on nurturing. In addition, both platforms integrate with current CRMs, meaning that you don't have to rebuild your database if you have one built already.

SimplyCast incorporates social sharing and allows you to embed tracking links in any of our channels. To boot, we offer blacklist monitoring and multi-user accounts that allow your whole staff to sign in from a single login portal. This allows you to monitor all your departments and set specific permissions for each user. This way you can both combat churn and high bounce rates, while you market and promote your product using the same application and the same robust set of channels.

Much like Totango, SimplyCast believes in personalizing your messages, so all our channels are capable of implementing merge tags to pull names and interactions from each customer's profile to personalize the message, no matter what it is. Speaking of customer profiles, SimplyCast also has a built in Contact Manager that we offer as a free gift to all our users. This can then be augmented using our multi-channel communication, delays, choices, and our fast-approaching SimplyCast Sonar web tracking tool. This takes all the things you would have to integrate or pay for and puts them all into one convenient package.

In terms of billing, a comparison isn't possible on a numbers level, as Totango has no pricing on their website. SimplyCast's pricing is readily available, however, and starts at $49. Because we focus on being accessible to all business levels, small to medium businesses are a major and integral part of our customer base. We are confident that our pricing structure is a better alternative, and more affordable than Totango for any needs. Many companies that deal in email also cap your messages per month. SimplyCast wants you to be able to send so long as you need to, and prefers to limit messaging to a more estimable value. As such, we charge based on the number of contacts, but place no cap on the number of messages sent to those contacts.

SimplyCast is dedicated to always improving and innovating, and that means we take suggestions and requests from our customers. SimplyCast serves companies in 175 countries in 11 languages, and we know that everyone's needs are different. We also offer a full list of features and pricing for 360 on our marketing automation page. That's why we're always mindful that nobody is overlooked as we move toward being the greatest marketing automation company we can be. We can't be successful without your being successful too, and that's important to us.

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