This Student Is Returning to SimplyCast for Another Co-op

This Student Is Returning to SimplyCast for Another Co-op

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Coming Back to SimplyCast

Coop students have always been a huge part of life here at SimplyCast. We believe in developing the next generation of talented youth who will contribute to our community and our local economy. Coop students' enthusiasm, dedication and fresh ideas help keep our company innovative and focused. The combination of university coop students, experienced workers, high school coops and management employees is what enables our company to grow. New coops learn from more experienced workers and contribute their own ideas to make SimplyCast even better.

One of our current coop students has decided to return for a second coop term in September 2015. Meghan has been working at SimplyCast for three months now. Here is her story.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a third year business student at Dalhousie University, and I'm interested in marketing and advertising. Eventually, I would like to pursue a career in international marketing or project management.

How did you hear about SimplyCast?

Through the Dalhousie myCareer website for coop students. As soon as I saw the job posting I knew I wanted to know more about this company. The posting was written in an inviting way with a joke or two thrown in. It was so different from the very formal tone of most postings that it sparked my interest.

What made you want to do a coop term here?

I was looking for a coop position that I could learn from and grow as a professional. I was searching for a position that would give me actual responsibility within the company, and where I could get a sense of direction for my future career.

Why did you decide to come back for another coop term at SimplyCast?

SimplyCast has a great team! All the people here are very helpful and friendly, and we have a lot of fun during the work day. The variety of tasks I get to do makes each day interesting and keeps me from getting bored. I'm also learning a lot from the people I'm working with and from the opportunity to work on so many different projects.

SimplyCast does a lot of university visits and takes part in community events and press events. All these events are great networking opportunities.

How is the SimplyCast work experience different from other coops you have done?

I have done one other coop position, and I also enjoyed that experience. SimplyCast is a much bigger company. It's been great to get a sense of how bigger companies work and the different management styles that are effective for different sizes and structures of companies.

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